Bringing conversational AI to your healthcare information need

Cogitto is the only AI-powered, compliant, healthcare artificial intelligent assistant you need

Medical information overload solution

Cogitto’s AI was created to solve the problem of medical information overload. We know that keeping up with the healthcare science
is hard—and that discovering a key information related to your healthcare or loved one could be a game changer. That’s why we designed Cogitto to discover, rank and deliver the most relevant medical information to you.

Cogitto is designed for you

Cogitto uses artificial intelligence to combines medical intelligence with natural language capabilities, extensibility tools and compliance constructs, allowing you access to trusted and relevant healthcare services and information.

Unique AI approach

Our approach goes beyond search. Similar to the way the human brain reads, Cogitto uses artificial intelligence to scan new biomedical publications, analyze and incorporate them into a dynamic map of biomedical concepts—every journal, disease, gene, protein, pathway, protocol and more. This map powers Cogitto so you never miss an important medical information.